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New Releases: Breaking Bad – (2008)

New Releases: Breaking Bad - (2008) Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Release Date: 2013-11-26 Duration: 45 Min ...


New Releases: Breaking Bad – (2008)

New Releases: Breaking Bad - (2008)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Release Date: 2013-11-26
Duration: 45 Min
Season 1

Ep 01 – Pilot

On his 50th birthday, Walter H. White reflects on his mundane life: he is an overqualified yet underpaid high school chemistry teacher, a father to a moody teenage son with cerebral palsy, husband to a pregnant wife, and a socially inept introvert. And on this melancholy day of middle-aged reflection, Walter White learns that he has inoperable lung cancer and, within 2 years, will be dead.

Walter seems emotionally numb to the news, taking it in quiet stride. While hiding his diagnosis from his family, Walter decides to take a ride-along with his brother-in-law Hank, an agent at the Drug Enforcement Administration, as they bust a notorious crystal methamphetamine dealer known as “Cap’n Cook”. At the ride-along, while waiting in the car while the DEA busts into the hideout, Walter spots a man jumping out the window of the building, and recognizes him as Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. Jesse evades the DEA and escapes in his car which bears a vanity license plate “THE CAPN” as his partner Emilio is arrested inside.

That night, Walter tracks Jesse to his home and confronts him with a proposition: the two of them partner up to cook crystal meth, using Walt’s expertise in chemistry to produce a superior drug, and Jesse’s experience to sell it. Jesse agrees, though not believing that it will work out.

The next day, Walt steals chemistry supplies from the high school and Jesse purchases an RV as a mobile hideout and the two drive into the desert to begin cooking meth. Walt produces a drug that Jesse, an experienced producer and user, claims is the purest he’s ever seen. Jesse takes a sample to a distributor known as “Krazy-8″, the cousin of Jesse’s former partner Emilio, to strike a distribution deal, but Krazy-8 believes that, since Jesse escaped the DEA while Emilio was caught, Jesse ratted Emilio out. Krazy-8 and Emilio, who is out of jail on bail, take Jesse at gunpoint out into the desert to kill him, but, considering the purity of Walt’s meth, plan to negotiate a deal with Walt.

In the desert, Walt barters for Jesse’s life with Krazy-8 and Emilio by promising to reveal his meth formula. While inside the RV, Krazy-8 tosses a cigarette out the window into the brush. As Walt is mixing chemicals to show the two dealers his recipe, he suddenly throws the wrong chemical into the batch to create a poisonous gas. He runs out of the RV with a gas mask and holds the door shut on the two dealers from outside as they die from inhaling the gas.

He and an unconscious Jesse desperately flee the scene in the RV with the dead bodies of Krazy-8 and Emilio in the back. The RV crashes into a ditch and won’t start. Walter hears police sirens closing in on him. He emerges from the RV with a gun, ready to fight the police, but sees that the sirens are coming from fire engines responding to a brush fire. He hides his gun as they pass. Back in the RV, Jesse wakes up and they drive back into town, hiding the vehicle with the dead bodies at Jesse’s house.

Ep 02 – Cat’s in the Bag…

Walter and Jesse plan on disposing of the bodies of Krazy-8 and Emilio when Krazy-8 suddenly wakes up from his apparent coma. Locking Krazy-8 in Jesse’s basement, the two decide that Jesse will take care of Emilio’s body while Walt takes care of Krazy-8. However, neither of them have the stomach to kill the drug dealer, but they can’t risk letting him go and revealing everything that’s happened, so they keep him alive in Jesse’s basement.

At home, Walter’s wife Skyler is becoming curious of Walter’s time away from home. She redials a number Walt spoke to suspiciously on the phone and reaches Jesse’s voicemail. When she confronts Walt about this, he covers by saying that Jesse sells him marijuana, and that he needs Skyler to get off his case.

Jesse is told by Walt to melt Emilio’s body in hydrofluoric acid in a plastic container, but Jesse decides to use his upstairs bathtub out of convenience. When the acid eats through the tub and floor, spilling Emilio’s partially-melted remains onto the first floor, Walt chastises Jesse for not listening to him, as hydrofluoric will eat through almost anything except plastic.

Ep 03 …And the Bag’s in the River

After cleaning up the remains of Emilio, Walt is still struggling with working up the courage to kill Krazy-8.

Skyler, worried about Walt, talks to her sister, and Hank’s wife, Marie about marijuana, leading Marie to believe that Walt and Skyler’s son, Walt Jr, is smoking pot. Marie asks Hank to educate Walt Jr about the dangers of drug use, which Hank does by taking Jr to a trashy motel frequented by druggies and prostitutes.

Walt, while bringing food down to Krazy-8, suffers a coughing fit and collapses in the basement. When he wakes up, Krazy-8 asks what’s wrong with him, to which Walt reveals that he has lung cancer, the first time he’s told anyone else. Walt throws away the shattered remains of the plate he brought down and brings another meal, and some beers. Unable to kill Krazy-8, he shares a beer with him and they talk about their lives, Krazy-8 finally convincing Walt that he won’t rat to the police if Walt lets him go. Walt, relieved, returns upstairs to get the key to free the dealer, but feels that something is off. He fishes the shattered glass plate out of the trash to find that a chunk is missing, and Walt, horrified, concludes that Krazy-8 took it while he was unconscious and plans to kill Walt with it. He returns to the basement and strangles Krazy-8 to death, feeling shame at taking a life.

He returns home to an angry Skyler, who is wondering where Walt has been. He tells her that they need to talk.

Ep 04 Cancer Man

Several days later, at a get-together with Hank and Marie, Walt and Skyler reveal that he has lung cancer.

Jesse, while hanging out with his friends “Skinny Pete” and “Combo”, shows them the pure meth that Walt cooked and tries smoking it with them. They all react with astonishment to its potency. The next morning however, Jesse, still smoking the meth, becomes paranoid about his safety in a drug-induced hallucinatory haze. He runs, high, to his parent’s and little brother’s home where he is reluctantly welcome. His parents think that Jesse, a screw-up, is a bad influence on his teenage brother Jake, a child prodigy.

When they find a joint in their house, Jesse’s parents kick him out. Jake thanks Jesse for taking the fall for his weed as Jesse leaves. Jesse receives a call from Combo who says that he’s found buyers for their pure meth.

Skyler plans a visit with an expensive oncologist, but Walt, acting as though nothing is wrong, persists that it’s too much money, while he secretly removes cash from an air vent to pay for the visit. Jesse shows up to Walt’s house unexpected, to which Walt is furious, hoping that he was done with Jesse. Jesse angrily gives Walt his share of the money they made from the meth: 00.

At the oncologist, Skyler nervously listens to the doctor discuss Walt’s treatment options while Walt is bored and distracted. Skyler plans to start Walt on a ,000 treatment, but Walt states that it is unlikely to work and that there is no need to bankrupt the family, to which Walt Jr angrily replies that Walter should “just fucking die then.”

Walt comes across an annoying businessman named Ken at the bank and again at a gas station. Ken seems pretentious, rude, and shallow. Walt, at the gas station, pops the hood on Ken’s sports car and shorts the battery with a wet windshield cleaner, smiling as he walks away.

Ep 05 Gray Matter

Jesse, determined to turn his life around, begins applying for jobs around town, but is horribly unqualified for anything. He runs into and old friend, “Badger,” and they share a joint. Badger offers to partner with Jesse if he ever decided to cook meth again.

Walt and Skyler attend the birthday party of a wealthy old friend of Walt’s, Elliot Shwartz. Walt and Elliot were business partners at a company called “Gray Matter” which, after Walt left, Elliot turned into a billion-dollar business. While talking, Elliot offers Walt a job, which Walt refuses. When Elliot presses the matter, claiming that they have “excellent health insurance,” Walt decides it’s time to leave. He angrily confronts Skyler, believing that she told Elliot about Walt’s cancer and his expensive treatment, to which she confesses but does not apologize for.

Jesse decides to get back into the meth business and calls Badger out on a cook with him. They cook several batches but Jesse is disappointed with how the quality doesn’t match that of Walt’s meth. Badger insists that the quality doesn’t matter and the two fight, Jesse leaving Badger in the desert as he drives away in the RV.

When Walt Jr is caught trying to buy beer, the family believes that he is just acting out in reaction to Walt’s diagnosis. When they realize how strangely Walt himself is acting, refusing Elliot’s offer to pay for his treatment, they decide to hold an intervention.

Skyler, Walt Jr, Marie, and Hank sit with Walter and discuss his behavior. Skyler says that she can’t stand the thought of losing him and that it’s in everyone’s best interest if Walt accepts the treatment. Hank agrees. Walt Jr claims that Walter is being a “pussy” in the face of treatment, when he has had to deal with palsy all his life. When Marie decides to side with Walt, the four begin fighting and yelling. Walt interjects with his own opinion: if he takes the treatment then he will be weak, constantly on medication, and will only live a short while longer, and that he would rather die with dignity than as a weak vegetable.

The next morning, Walt tells Skyler that he has changed his mind, and will go through with the treatment.

Walt receives a call from Gretchen, Elliot’s wife, who tells him that he deserves the money Elliot offered him, as Walt helped found the company that made Elliot wealthy, but Walt refuses.

He goes to Jesse’s house and offers to start cooking meth again.

Ep 06 – Crazy Handful of Nothin’

Walt enters the damaged RV and explains to Jesse that from here on out, he will handle the chemistry, and Jesse will handle the selling, and that there will be “no more bloodshed”.

Walt begins his chemotherapy, reassuring Skyler that it’s all being paid for by Elliot.

At school, Walt gives a lesson on how rapid chemical reactions can happen, using explosive fulminated mercury as an example. He leaves the room to vomit in the restroom, and is gives a piece of gum by a friendly janitor named Hugo. Later, when Skyler confronts Walt about where he goes in the afternoons, he says he takes long nature walks.

While cooking meth in the RV in the desert, Walt has a coughing fit and is forced to take a break to catch his breath. Jesse recognizes the radiation marks on Walt’s chest from his aunt who had cancer. Jesse surmises that Walt is cooking meth to make enough money for his family to support themselves after he dies.

Hank and his partner, Steve, at the DEA discuss a gas mask they found out in the desert and trace it back to Walt’s high school.

At the high school, Hank visits Walt and tells him that a gas mask was stolen from the supply room. Upon inspection, Hank discovers that another mask and some glassware was also taken, concluding that a meth cook must’ve done it. The DEA eventually arrests Hugo the janitor on suspicion of cooking meth, which horrifies Walter, who is certain of Hugo’s innocence but unable to help him.

After a night of selling meth himself, Jesse brings ,300 to Walt, who is dissatisfied with the amount. He suggests that they find a distributor. Jesse tells him about an up and coming dealer named Tuco who might be interested.

Jesse and Skinny Pete meet with Tuco at his hideout. Tuco takes a snort of Walt’s meth and instantly offers to buy it. When Jesse demands the money upfront, Tuco becomes irrationally angry and beats Jesse, keeping the meth for himself. Walt finds out about this and plans on confronting Tuco.

The next morning, Walt shaves his head completely and walks into Tuco’s hideout with a bag of crystals. He introduces himself under a pseudonym: Heisenberg. He demands ,000 from Tuco to pay for the meth he stole from Jesse and for Jesse’s injuries. When Tuco refuses, Walt takes a crystal from his bag and reveals that it is not meth, but fulminated mercury. He hurls it at the floor where it explodes, blowing out the windows and disorienting everyone in the room. Walt clutches the bag, threatening to blow the whole thing. Tuco agrees to pay Walt and to buy another 2 lb. batch.

Ep 07 – A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal

Walt brings Jesse’s share of the money to Jesse, who is furious that Walt cut a deal with Tuco, saying that they could never get enough pseudoephedrine to make another 2 lb. of meth.

Later, at their next meeting with Tuco in a junkyard, Walt and Jesse present a measly amount of meth, claiming that they’re having production problems. When Tuco appears angry, Walt demands more money for their next batch, which will be a full 4 pounds, which Tuco reluctantly agrees to. Jesse believes that their new quota is impossible, but Walt puts together a list of alternate ingredients for Jesse to find, ingredients which will increase the yield of their next cook.

At a baby shower for Skyler, Marie presents an extravagant jeweled tiara as a gift. Walt and Hank share cigars and discuss the arbitrary nature of the law.

That night, Walt convinces Skyler that he should attend a Navajo sweat lodge out in the desert as part of his treatment, instead planning on cooking with Jesse.

At Jesse’s, Jesse has found all of Walt’s ingredients except methylamine, which is crucial. Jesse explains that he’s hired someone to find it for him, but that it will cost them thousands of dollars. Walt suggests that they find it themselves. That night, they infiltrate a chemical warehouse and steal a barrel of methylamine. They return to Jesse’s house and cook four pounds of meth with their new recipe.

When Skyler tries to return Marie’s baby shower gift, she learns that it was stolen from the jewelry store and plans to confront Marie.

Walt returns home from the weekend, Skyler believing that he was on a Navajo reservation. When she mentions that Marie stole the tiara, Walt replies that sometimes people have to do crazy things for the good of their families.

At the next meet-up with Tuco, Walt and Jessie present their new meth, which, as a side effect of their new recipe, is blue. Tuco snorts a crystal and is ecstatic at the quality, happily declaring that there is a lot of money to be made from Walt’s incredible meth. When one of Tuco’s henchmen tries to assert dominance over Walt and Jesse, Tuco once again becomes irrationally angry and beats his henchman before happily departing. Walt and Jesse walk back to their car in shock.

Season 2

Ep 08 – Seven Thirty-Seven

As Walt and Jesse leave the meet-up, Walt calculates how much money he will need to make in order to keep his family supported after he dies. Between education for his children, and cash for food, shelter, utilities, etc., he needs 7,000 to last roughly the next 20 years.

As they drive away, Tuco’s car suddenly returns. Tuco pulls the henchman he beat from the car, who is now going into shock and dying. Tuco yells at Walter to help him, but Walt, flustered, can do nothing. The man dies. Tuco, angry, orders his other henchman, “Gonzo”, to bury him under a nearby abandoned car. Walt and Jesse leave, while Tuco tells them that they are “done”.

Jesse illegally purchases a gun, planning to kill Tuco. He explains to Walt that the two of them are witnesses, and that Tuco will likely come after them. Walt chastises Jesse for not having a thorough plan.

At the DEA, Hank and his partner Steve watch surveillance cam footage of the warehouse from which Walt and Jesse stole their methylamine. Unable to tell who it is in the video, the agents surmise that whoever they are, they must be making very potent meth, and are likely to become targets of Mexican cartels.

When Walt notices one night that he is being followed, he meets with Jesse to plan how to kill Tuco: using the poisonous extract of castor beans, ricin, they will poison a sample of meth and slip it to Tuco. It will take days to kill him and will look like a heart attack.

For days, Skyler, angry at Ma


Bryan Cranston

Anna Gunn

Aaron Paul

Betsy Brandt


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New Releases: Contagion – (2011)


New Releases: Contagion – (2011)

New Releases: Contagion - (2011)
Genre: Drama, Thriller,
Release Date: 2012-01-03
Duration: 106 Min

  • Steven Soderbergh

Day 2.

Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) is a young woman seen coughing. She is in an airport lounge when she gets a call on her cell phone. It is a man named John Neal (John G. Beck) saying she just had sex with him and left without saying goodbye. Beth says she’s sorry, she was afraid she’d miss her flight. “Well in case I don’t see you again… it was great to see you again.” John says. Beth echoes the sentiment. John mentions that if she wants to contact him, she’ll have to use the secure email address. She hangs up as her flight is called and she pays her bar tab.

A montage ensues where we see several other people. A young man in Hong Kong gets off a boat, sweating. He goes home to his family and his sister looks at him concerned.

In London, a model gets sick and goes back to her hotel room. Hotel staff come into the room and find her dead on the bathroom floor.

On a plane, a businessman comes out of the lavatory with a pained expression on his face. He is traveling back home to Tokyo. He is on a bus when he collapses to the floor, convulsing. His death is captured on a camera phone.

The young man from Hong Kong, leaves his apartment, coughing near several people in an elevator. He walks the streets, his vision getting more hazy. He walks into traffic and is hit by a truck and killed.

Finally, in Minnesota, Beth comes home to her husband Mitch (Matt Damon) and son Clark (Griffin Kane) and hugs her son.


Dr. Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) comes into work at the Atlanta -based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On the way in, he passes a janitor Roger (John Hawkes) who he is on friendly terms with due to the football pool they have. Roger asks Cheever about his son since the school thinks he has ADHD. Roger asks if Cheever could look at him but Cheever says he is not that kind of doctor. However, he knows some people so he will try to refer a good doctor to Roger for his son.

Meanwhile, Mitch goes to pick up from Clark from school from what they think is a fever. Mitch tells Clark he will beat it by Thanksgiving.

At a news office a blogger journalist, named Allen (Jude Law), is talking to an editor, named Lorraine, about the Tokyo bus incident. Allen thinks it may have to do with mercury poisoning in fish worldwide. Lorraine says they don’t have the budget for this kind of freelance work but Allen says this story can go worldwide in 24 hours. Lorraine says she will pass it to another editor. Allen tells her he recorded this conversation and if she steals his story he will sue her.


Beth is at home, getting worse. She stares at a cup of coffee and tries to pick it up as Mitch talks about his day. She instead makes it fall off the counter and shatter. Mitch comes to help clean it up, when Beth starts to have a seizure. Mitch is scared, and he sees Clark at the doorway looking at his mother dying. Mitch tells him to go upstairs as he calls 911.

At the hospital, Mitch tries to explain what happened and Beth’s allergies when she has another seizure and Mitch is pushed out of the room. A doctor comes to see him later and tells him Beth has just died. Mitch is in shock and asks to talk to her, not computing the news. The doctor tries to explain that his wife might have picked something up in China but there are no health alerts there to match to any of her symptoms. The medical board is going to order an autopsy in order to determine what killed her. Mitch is aghast and screams, “What happened?!”

Mitch is being driven home when he gets a call. His son is sick. He tells the babysitter to call 911. When he gets home, the babysitter says Clark had a headache so she put him to bed. By the time Mitch gets there, it is too late, his son is dead.


In Switzerland, Dr. Leonora Orantes (Marion Cotillard), goes to work at the World Health Organization. She handles a briefing on this unknown virus and the cases of infection in the U.S., China, London and Japan. She expresses the need for the WHO to be thorough in its investigations. She mentions Beth as being the potential start of the infection.

Back in Hong Kong, the sister of the young man that was infected has his body cremated and goes to take his ashes away for burial via bus. A cleaning lady is checking the bus when she finds the girl dead. Her brother clearly infected her too before he died.

In Chicago, Beth’s lover John Neal is being carried out on a stretcher. He has been infected as well. His wife looks on in shock, wondering what is wrong.

Two medical morticians do the autopsy on Beth, opening up her skull. They notice something strange about her brain. One of the men asks if he should take a sample. “Actually, I want you stand away from the table!” The other technician tells him. The technician tells his partner to call EVERYONE.


Mitch is taken back to the hospital and put under quarantine watch. His teenage daughter from his previous marriage, Jody, arrives. They talk on a phone. Jody feels guilty of not being there when Clark died, but Mitch says it is not her fault. In addition, if she had been, she could of been infected too. She is all he has left. Mitch tells Jody to go home to her mother, but Jody says she will not leave him. She is staying with him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Erin Mears (Kate Winslet) is being briefed by Cheever on her job on the mysterious virus outbreak. She is to investigate and contain cases of infection. If she needs anything she can call him, no questions asked. Mears travels to Minnesota to be transported to a nearby CDC office. She gives a briefing about the virus and the precautions they need to take. One woman asks if they are panicking about something they know little of. “We don’t even know what to tell people to be afraid of.” Mears notes that the virus is a contagion of touch. So the littlest things people touch and interact with, including each other, are potential harbours for infection. The problem, Mears says, is the carriers and the number they will potentially infect, the R-naught number. Flu is usually one person. Polio, pre-vaccine, was between four and six. Until they know more, this virus’ R-naught number could be much greater.

Two doctors, Ally Hextall (Jennifer Ehle) and David Eisenberg (Demetri Martin) go into a secure bio lab and look at the samples taken from Beth’s body among others. Hextall says they need to send it to Sussman (Eliott Gould). Sussman is another doctor in a less secure bio medical facility then theirs. He is leaving when he is accosted by Allen about accusations that this virus is being manufactured as a potential profiting scheme by drug companies. Sussman tells him to make an appointment and insults Allen’s journalism saying, “Blogging is graffiti with punctuation.”


Cheever is met at the CDC doors by Homeland Security agents. He is briefed by their liaison, Lyle Haggerty (Bryan Cranston). Homeland Security believes the virus might be a terrorist action as it is the only way terrorists have not tried to kill people. Cheever is intrigued by the theory but unconvinced. Haggerty mentions that someone could try to weaponise the Avian flu but Cheever counters that by saying, “They don’t need to. The birds are doing it for us.”

A news report states that the school Clark attended is being closed after three nurses and two other children die. A panic starts to form.

Mears goes to the AIMM offices where Beth worked. Many interacted with Beth before she left the country for China, so their fears are assuaged by Mears. Mears notes none had direct contact with Beth after she came home. One remembers Eric Barnes, another co-worker, drove her home from the airport. Mears calls him as he is on a bus. She tells him to get off as he is infected. He waits at the stop until Mears arrives with a containment crew.

Meanwhile, Mitch is being asked by a doctor about Beth. Mitch knows little of substance. The doctor asks about her Chicago layover, and if Beth knew anyone there. Mitch mentions that his wife was with John Neal before they married. Realisation hits Mitch. He asks if Neal is infected. The doctor is resistant but eventually nods. Mitch is stunned that his wife was cheating on him with her former boyfriend.

Hextall and Eisenberg give a briefing to Cheever about the virus sample taken from Beth’s body. It latches onto the host cell, taking over completely. The body doesn’t know what to do and the virus continues to attack. They noticed there are traces of bat and pig in the virus DNA code so it mostly originated from an infected bat. Understanding the severity of the issue, Cheever orders Sussman to be shut down and their secure lab is the only place where research will be done. Hextall calls Sussman and reluctantly tells him to shut down and destroy his samples.


Cheever briefs the CDC on the outbreak on cases of the virus worldwide. The numbers of infected reach 80,000+ and could reach as high as 267,000.

Allen continues to blog about the virus and how the government is conspiring with the drug companies to turn a profit on tragedy. He claims that a drug is available to treat the virus, but it is being suppressed by the CDC.

Meanwhile, Dr. Orantes goes to Hong Kong. Her job is track the movements Beth made while there. Her liaison is Sun Feng who is ambivalent as Hong Kong being the focal point of the viral outbreak but Orantes concludes it is Beth that started it all. After hearing several workers at a casino got sick where Beth attended, Orantes tells Feng to get tapes of the security footage. Feng mentions his rural village where he grew up is infected and his mother is sick.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sussman defies orders and runs some further tests on the virus samples.

DAY 12

Hextall briefs Cheever on Sussman’s findings. He was able to make a stable cultured version of the virus. He was able to do it by growing it in a particular bat cell line they didn’t have. Now that they know what they are up against, they can start developing and testing vaccines. Cheever is outraged that Sussman defied orders. Realizing he might publish his results, Cheever asks what he wants. Hextall says he just wants credit for his work. He could of given the work to drug companies and made a fortune but he gave it to the CDC instead.

The news report on the virus, now called MEV-1 and crediting Sussman for discovering the findings. The news stresses that government states that it will take potentially months for a full vaccine to be ready.

Allen is contacted by a news source. They want him to continue his investigations on MEV-1 and the government’s alleged involvement with the problem. Allen agrees.

Back in Minnesota, still in quarantine, Mitch asks Mears if he is immune since he has not shown any symptoms and he also asks why they cannot use his blood to make a vaccine. Mears tells him even though his intentions are noble, plasma vaccines are tricky and time consuming to make and are not guaranteed to work. Mears then travels to an inside stadium where they will place a triage center. Mears tells her liaison she will need three more locations like it. Mears calls Cheever. Cheever asks if she is fine.

Mitch is at home with Jody when there is a knock at the door. It is a boy Jody likes, Andy. Andy has come to pay his respects with flowers for the deaths of Beth and Clark. Mitch says that while he is touched by the gesture, he cannot let him in because he could infect them. Jody is crushed, but Mitch tells her they have to be very careful.

We see security footage of Beth in the Hong Kong casino, enjoying herself with several people. She is playing a casino game when she is asked by a man, the Japanese businessman who died on the bus, to blow on his chip for good luck. She does so.

DAY 14

Mears wakes up coughing. She goes into the bathroom and takes her temperature, praying to God that she is not infected. But the symptoms point to it. She calls the front desk and tells them to track down everyone who serviced her room. Mears calls Cheever and tells him she’s infected. Cheever says he will do everything he can to get her home, but she should stay in her room for now. They hang up and Cheever is stunned that Mears is infected. He sent her there, so he feels responsible.

Meanwhile, Mitch goes to a funeral home and learns that because his wife and son died due to the virus, the funeral home will not accept the bodies for burial. Mitch is shocked but the funeral director says there is nothing they can do. Mitch talks to his mother-in-law and discusses cremation but the mother in law wants her family to be buried together. His mother-in-law said Beth made mistakes by cheating but she did love Mitch. He has to forgive her. Jody texts Andy, telling him how sad her dad is.

We see more security footage of Beth in the Hong Kong casino. She calls John Neal saying she can get an earlier flight so they can meet up. She accidentally leaves her phone at the bar and a woman picks it up and hands it to her. It was the European model that was found dead in London. We see a table where she had sat and had drinks with several people. A waiter picks up the glasses. It is the young man that later died. That is how Beth infected them both.

Orantes realizes that Beth is “Patient Zero” for the entire outbreak. Orantes asks about Feng’s mother. Feng says she died. Orantes says she is sorry. They go to leave and Feng makes a call. On the way to their destination, Feng pulls her out of the car into a van at gunpoint. He tells her that his village is dying, and he and his friends are going to hold her for ransom for the vaccine doses when they are first produced. Orantes sees the remaining villagers. Most are children.

Cheever attempts to get Mears out of Minnesota but hits roadblocks on every turn. The transport he was going to use is being used for a Congressman, as he learns from Haggerty. After that, all air travel is grounded. Haggerty tells Cheever there are plans in place to quarantine Chicago, but he is to tell no one until the government makes it public. The president is being moved underground, and congress is working online. There is nothing Cheever can do.

Meanwhile, Allen is blogging live. He is apparently sick with the virus. He shows he is taking the homeopathic remedy Forsythia, and dips it into his water and drinks it. He tells his audience that if he is here tomorrow then it worked.

Cheever speaks to his wife Aubrey (Sanaa Lathan) and tells her how bad he feels Mears is going to die and there is nothing he can do. Cheever then tells her to leave Chicago and not tell a soul where she is going. As he hangs up, he sees that Roger was standing there the whole time. Roger is disgusted with Cheever noting everyone has loved ones.

Aubrey goes shopping for supplies when she is called by her friend whom she was supposed to meet for dinner. Aubrey reveals the real reason she can’t come, urging her to not repeat it to anyone.

DAY 18

Around the U.S. people are listening to Allen and are lining up for the drug to suppress MEV-1 that Allen has alleged works. However, demand becomes insatiable and people begin to riot and loot all over the country.

Mitch goes for groceries with Jody in a looted store. A woman coughs nears him and he tells Jody they need to leave. They get to the car without food. They attempt to leave the state but the National Guard is shutting down the roads. Even though they are not infected, no one is getting through. They are forced to turn around and go back home.

Allen has been running around town in a bio suit seeing the destruction and decline of human civilization in the aftermath of the outbreak. He gets home to see Lorraine there, begging for the medicine he says helps, because she is pregnant. Allen says he has none due to a break-in, but he will get her some as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Dr. Mears is being told she cannot be moved out. She is in a hospital bed and very close to death. Next to her, a man is complaining of being cold, but the triage center has run out of blankets. Mears attempts to comfort him and give him her coat but cannot reach far enough. It falls right next to her bed as she shudders.

Some hours later, Mears is shown in a translucent plastic bag. She is dead. Her liaison, Dave is nearby, holding flowers, trying his best to pay his respects considering she will be


Matt Damon

Kate Winslet

Jude Law

Gwyneth Paltrow


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